Are you looking for the next hidden gem in the NFT space?

Check out Nasty Nerds!

Nasty Nerds were inspired by Cicada 3301, internet’s biggest mystery.

Nasty Nerds challenge all incredibly intelligent individuals to solve a puzzle and win 50% of all royalties earned. The first hint is published on the website.


10101 Nasty Nerds will ever exist.

With almost two million potential options, each nerd is unique and created algorithmically from 108 existing traits.

How to get a Nasty Nerd?

1. Download the Phantom Wallet: It’s a Google Chrome Add-On
2. Replenish your Phantom Wallet with Solana.
3. Go to the website and connect your wallet.
4. Hit “Connect” and “Mint”.
5. Pay 1.11 SOL for every mint and get your unique Nasty Nerd!

Congratulations! You joined a unique club of brilliant individuals.