GYM Network — First DeFi Aggregator In The Metaverse

GYM Network combines all these trends in one big ecosystem.

What is GYM Network?

GYM Network is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that allows users to earn BNB (Binance Coin) by investing in DeFi products including yield farming.

GYM Network Partners

GYM Network runs on Binance Smart Chain which has become the №1 alternative to Ethereum for running smart contract based projects at much lower transaction fees.

How does GYM Network work?

GYM Network users will create deposits in BNB (Binance Coin). BNB is the native coin of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. You can buy BNB on Binance or any other major exchange. Today it is a Top 5 cryptocurrency with a huge upside potential.

You can start with 0.05 BNB only!!!

Profits will be returned in BNB and GYMNET.

GYM Network Affiliate System

Sharing GYM Network with friends can really pay off. Your commission will be a share of profits & rewards generated by your partner’s wallets.

Career Plan

Users can unlock affiliate levels by hitting career ranks.

  • Your own deposit (your BNB contribution)
  • Your own active GYMNET farm (number of GYMNET token in farming)
  • Number of direct partners (starting with AMATEUR I)
  • Ranks of your partners
  • 1 BNB in your vault.
  • 5,000 GYMNET token in yield farming.
  • 2 active direct partners
  • At least one ROOKIE I on your team (0.1 BNB and 500 GYMNET tokens invested)

GYM Network Roadmap

Not only GYM Network offers a great way to build passive income with an integrated affiliate system, it also works on major milestones to increase and improve the ecosystem.

How to join GYM Network

GYM Network is an INVITE ONLY community. To join GYM Network you will need an affiliate link and a decentralized wallet with an integrated browser.



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