iBG Finance — Earn Yield Daily

The Problem

While the whole DeFi industry is expanding rapidly, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still at a very early stage. Creating a diversified portfolio is a highly technical and complex procedure.

The Solution

iBG bridges the gap between DeFi and investors.

Who is behind iBG?

iBG is being launched by very established players in the Blockchain and Digital Assets space.

The Team

The iBG team is comprised of vastly experienced experts and high-caliber professionals in blockchain technology and FinTech industries.

iBG Ecosystem

iBG Ecosystem consists of 5 very important elements:

  • iBG wallet — App
  • iBG Token — ERC 20
  • iBG Treasury — Universal Liquidity Pool
  • iBG AI Bot
  • iBG FinNet: Cross Chain Aggregator bridge

How iBG App works

The iBG app is the wallet where it all begins. Get the app, buy the token, let the smart engine do the rest.

iBG Token Staking

What can you earn? Members will get from 5% to 7% monthly depending on the lockup period:


Token Allocation

The iBG token is a finite supply ERC-20 token with a total supply of 45,000,000 tokens (fortyfive million).

Token Sale

The sale of the tokens will happen in two phases giving investors different prices and privileges.

Token Packages

Investors will be able to choose from 6 different packages:

  • 1 — $100
  • 2 — $1,000
  • 3 — $5,000
  • 4 — $10,000
  • 5 — $50,000
  • 6 — $100,000

Referral Program

If you share the opportunity you will earn iBG tokens even faster. There are two types of referral commissions you can earn:

  • One-time direct bonus
  • Monthly APY matching bonus

Direct Bonus

20% of the package value will be allocated to the direct bonus that will be paid out across three levels.

  • 1st level — 40%
  • 2nd level — 30%
  • 3rd level — 20%

Matching Bonus

10% of monthly yields are allocated to the matching bonuses and will be paid across 5 levels.

  • 1st level — 30%
  • 2nd level — 20%
  • 3rd level — 10%
  • 4th level — 10%
  • 5th level — 10%

The importance of AUM increases

As the AUM (Assets Under Management) increases, so does your potential commission.

How to join

The official launch of the iBG Finance app is scheduled for the 22nd April 2021.

  • The iBG wallet
  • Referral code from your network leader

Useful links:

WEBSITE: https://www.ibg.finance/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/IbgFinance
LINKEDIN: https://t.me/ibgfinance
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/iBG-Finance-107823604718225/
WHITEPAPER: https://ibg.finance/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/iBG-Whitepaper-v1.1-final-published.pdf



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