IPCapital — Forex Trading Licensed in Canada

How to choose the right trading method?

  • Personal Trading — Requires a lot of expertise and knowledge
  • Copy Trading — Relies on finding an expert with long track record that you can copy
  • AI Analysis System — A new and innovative way to trade based on quantitative trading and leveraged AI trading.

Intelligent Prime Capital LTD.

IPCapital is an international company committed to providing global users with a comprehensive suite of digital asset services.

Regulatory Approvals

IPCapital has users from 10 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Nigeria, Cameron and Ghana. That’s why regulatory approvals in different jurisdictions is key to success.

IPCapital Management Team


IPCapital Products

IPCapital offers a wide range of trading products, including commodities, Forex, cryptocurrencies and indices.

3 types of AIA bot systems

You can choose from 3 different trading strategies:

  • Smart Bot — Max. 300 USD and up to 15% monthly
  • Brilliant Bot — Max 1000 USD and up to 30% monthly
  • Genius Bot — No limit and up to 45% monthly
  1. 80% of all new deposit amounts will be allocated to the capital account. 20% will be allocated to the AIA BOT System security deposit account and wait for reclaims with interest generated daily.
  2. All interest generated by AIA BOT System will be allocated for profit sharing with the allocation of 80% to the investors in the reward account and 20% to the company.
  3. AIA BOT System security deposit can be reclaimed with interest generated and will be allocated to the capital account which can be withdrawn anytime.
  4. All reinvestment amounts will follow the same allocation of 80% for the capital account and 20% for the AIA BOT System security deposit account.

Referral Program

IPCapital features a very smart referral program that allows you to earn 3 types of bonuses:


How to get started

To join IPCapital you will need a referral link. If you don’t have one, feel free to use this one: https://member.iprimecapital.com/Account/IndividualRegistration?referrerNumber=IB119269&referrerLinkType=1

How to set up MT4 and view your live trading account

1. Go to your Mobile Apps.



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