Runiverse — New Play-To-Earn Experience In The Metaverse

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4 min readDec 20, 2022

Runiverse is a decentralized game on NFT technology completely managed by smart contracts. Users challenge each other on the performance of the different tokens on the market in 30-second mini-futures. The challenge is represented in the form of a race between athletes, where each runner represents a token.

  • Runiverse is an exciting new cross-metaverse gaming platform where you can challenge other players based on your crypto market performance.
  • In Runiverse, the player chooses their favorite token and can challenge a friend or a random opponent to a thirty-second two-players race.
  • The buy-in for each race starts at a minimum of $5 per player and is paid with the chosen token. In other words, if you choose to race with Bitcoin, you pay $5 worth of bitcoin to race against an opponent.
  • The speed of token-athletes is determined by real-time price changes provided by Quickswap and Binance oracles and directly follows the price of the token in the cryptocurrency markets. An athlete-token will run faster in the Runiverse when the price of the corresponding token increases and vice versa.
  • Each race in the Runiverse lasts thirty seconds and the races are hosted on the most successful Metaverses, including Sandbox, Decentraland, Star Atlas and the Runiverse itself.
  • If the selected athlete had the highest total percentage growth during the thirty seconds, the player wins the race by taking back his own tokens plus those of his opponent.
  • Each competition takes place using a “rent” 1 Track NFT and 2 Athlete NFT. The owners of these NFTs are entitled to a fee equal to 5% of the entire game, which is paid using the tokens of the player who lost.

Here is a demo that gives you an idea how the game works:

NFTs play a central role in the Runiverse platform and are used to represent the racers and the tracks where the races take place.

Runiverse provide a crucial role in the ecosystem: NFT owners will benefit from two streams of income highlighted below:

The fee percentages of each single game are equivalent to 5% of the total bet, taken exclusively from the bet of the loser token (which therefore corresponds to 10% of the loser’s tokens).

The distribution takes place directly at the end of the game according to the odds 6% NFT Track, 2% NFT winner, and 2% NFT loser.

Runiverse’s Competitive Advantages

For Players


The Runiverse platform does not contain charts or complex formulas typical of exchanges. Each token has its own unique athlete and each player plays the same buy-in to compete. A simple percentage to look at: whoever wins the race takes it all.


No need for usernames, passwords, personal details and waiting times. Users can connect Metamask (or other wallets) and start playing with their tokens. A pop-up allows you to instantly remember your winnings after each game.

Control of funds

No external payment systems or deposits are needed to cash out your winnings. On Runiverse, players always keep control of their winnings and can collect them at any time, directly to their external wallet.


The Runiverse platform has no weird odds or hidden fees — the rules are always the same. In addition, every race data can be validated in the blockchain, from matching players to collecting winnings.


Trading and gambling has an important social base, which most platforms overlook. Runiverse is a community-based game that includes elements of engagement, leaderboards and rewards. As such, it avoids the “alone against the machine” feeling that many games elicit.

For NFT Collectors

Passive Earnings

Runiverse NFTs aren’t just collectibles; they also serve as a source of passive income whenever a player races that specific track or the represented token gets involved in any race.


Designed for maximum versatility and scalability, the Runiverse business model promotes the creation of new athletes and tracks in a cross metaverse ecosystem.

Fee Control

The underlying blockchain technology allows you to monitor the commissions collected from each Runiverse NFT. The acquisition of an NFT is not just hope in its revaluation, but an investment based on real data and market performance

Users can leverage Runiverse NFTs as an investment vehicle and source of ongoing passive income, which will drive high user retention, loyalty and player engagement.

The Runiverse platform offers leaderboards, rewards and customization options for greater gamification and rapid expansion while maintaining maximum privacy and confidentiality at all times.

What’s next?

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