The secret behind 1,000x Crypto Gains

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3 min readNov 15, 2021

Do you believe in 1,000x Crypto Gains?

Just recently we have seen Bitcoin hit an all-time high, nearing $70,000. On the face of it, $70k for one Bitcoin is a big chunk of cash. However, as an investor, even if Bitcoin were to increase to $140,000 you would have only 2x’d your investment. Doesn’t sound so impressive now does it?

The point is, if you are looking for that life-changing investment in cryptocurrency, a +1,000x return on your investment isn’t going to be found sitting on the top 100 cryptocurrencies. It’s not even going to be found within the top 1,000 cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization).

The Secret is…IDOs

An IDO is a new type of decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform, which now offers investors the opportunity to buy in at the first stages of a project. Within IDOs we have IFOs, Initial Farm Offerings where new projects are listed on platforms like Pancakeswap; likely the most popular DEX.

The secret to finding that gem and making +1,000 gains is on DEXs, where the project is first listed and long before it is listed on any major cryptocurrency exchange.

IDO Launchpads emerging…

If you are interested in that space, watch BlueZilla!

BlueZilla has successfully incubated following launchpads:

BSCPad (

ADAPad (

NFTLaunch (

GameZone (

VelasPad (

TronPad (

And many more…

Tokens launched by these launchpads have delivered 100–300x to IDO participants.

The next big IDO is Velhalla, that will be launched by GameZone. Velhalla is the next big thing in the Metaverse and Gaming space.

How to qualify for an IDO…

Let’s use GameZone as an example. There is a 3 Tier Staking system.

  • Starter: Stake 1000 $GZONE — no guaranteed allocation
  • Veteran: Stake 20,000 $GZONE — guaranteed allocation
  • God Mode: 70,000 $GZONE — guaranteed allocation

GZONE is the native token of GameZone:

Not only will GZONE staking allow you to participate in IDOs, it will also deliver some handsome APY beyond 30%.

How to start staking…

Connect your BSC Wallet (MetaMask or BSC Wallet) on

Make sure you have enough $GZONE on your wallet. Accept Terms and Conditions and Stake.

The next big IDO…

The next big IDO will be Velhalla —

Launch date: 16th November 8:00 UTC.

Go to to participate. Make sure you don’t miss the deadline.

Check the allocation you will be eligible for.

Top up BUSD to increase your allocation.

IDO price will be 0.001 USD.

Projects that were previously launched by GameZone ranged between 0.16 USD and 0.48 USD right after the IDO when listed on PancakeSwap.

Socials of GameZone:



Telegram ANN:


Socials of Velhalla:




Have fun becoming rich!

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